Freewheeling in China
1982 – 1983

Anthony Fagin

One mans journey
through China by

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One has to admire the audacity of Fagin’s decision to travel in China when it was still recovering from the aftermath of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. His perceptive writing and revealing photographs provide a personal perspective on how this huge and mysterious country was beginning to confront modernisation and to look westward. This fascinating book offers an original and compelling insight into China and its people.

Professor Alan Livingston CBE,
Former Rector, University College Falmouth

This is a fascinating story of Anthony’s Chinese adventure on one of my father’s early Bickerton bikes. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about this amazing journey and feel I have almost lived through it vicariously. The bike was an integral part of the trip and thank goodness it lived up to the job, as my father had said it would.

Mark Bickerton (son of Harry),
Director and Past President of the Bicycles Assoc of GB

How wonderful to see SACU’s 1965 mission - building friendship and understanding between the peoples of China and Britain - come alive again. In this account from one of our original ‘ambassadors’, we see Anthony’s personal narrative has captured admirably the life and culture of the ordinary Chinese people at that time.

Zoë Reed
Chair - Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding